Functional Nutrition Claims
Health Benefits of VitaFiber™
Functional Claims

VitaFiber™ is a high quality, pure mixture composed of isomalto-oligosacchardies (IMO). Currently, IMO is popular in Asian markets where it is used as an ingredient to contribute functional health benefits as a prebiotic, dietary fiber, and low calorie sweetener.

IMO has been a normal food component of the human diet for many centuries. IMO occurs naturally in a number of fermented foods, including rice, miso, soy sauce and sake. Isomaltose, one of the major components of IMO, has been identified as a natural constituent of honey.

The well documented health benefits of IMO include:

  1. IMO as a Dietary Fiber
  2. IMO as a Prebiotic
  3. IMO Exhibit Low Glycemic Index (GI)
  4. IMO Relives Constipation & Lowered Blood Cholesterol
  5. IMO Improves GI health
  6. IMO helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels already within the normal range.
  7. IMO helps improve minerals absorption



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