Join a winning biotech team!

BioNeutra’s top priority is to have a strong and committed team that perform and do the best in all situations. We are an agricultural based biotech company that specializes in health food sciences & nutraceuticals. First and foremost we are a team and we embrace teamwork in the broadest possible sense. At BioNeutra, we all work together in an open-concept, relaxed and casual space because we believe that this type of environment fosters creativity and productivity.

Our core values are:

  • A commitment to integrity, honesty, and ethics to our job and responsibilities
  • A trust, fairness, and respect toward our team mates, partners and collaborators
  • A strong relationship, both personal and professional
  • And, maintaining a constant dedication to personal growth and development


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Edmonton, Alberta T6N 1J4
Tel: 1.780.466.1481
Fax: 1.780.801.0036

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